Alam Ra'i, since 1996, has been exporting wood and wood related products to major markets and holds a good portfolio of clients.

Alam Ra'i promises customer satisfaction by providing the quality and product reliability at reasonable (lowest) prices.

Alam Ra'i is fortunate to have human resources with over 30 years of experience in timber industry. Thus, guaranteeing complete trust in its products' quality and making the business transaction a rewarding and pleasant experience.

Alam Rais core business is exporting wood and wood related products but occasionally it does involve in export of other items such as tiles, bathroom fittings, electrodes etc.

Alam Rais mission is to provide its customers with fine tropical MLH & Hardwoods of superior quality at a fair price, allowing it to prosper as a business, contribute to its community, and provide for its employees. Alam Rai support wise and proper harvesting of timber, to insure the continued existence of forests for generations to come.

Alam Ra'i transforms trees into lumber with great care to preserve the wood's best qualities of strength, grain, and beauty. Alam Rai is not just selling wood, its selling the makings for homes, furniture, cabinets and so on. Items that become families' prized possessions. That's a whole lot more than wood.


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